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MAGENTA Programmable Analog to Digital Joystick

The ultimate upgrade for any fightstick.  This joystick allows you map stick movements to digital outputs that match your play style.  Complete customization of throws, activation points for cardinals / diagonals and much more. 

LVT3 LED Driver Board for
Mad Catz TE2 / TE2+
PS4, XB1 
Hori and Victrix
Fight Sticks

The first programmable plug and play LED solution for the Mad Catz TE2 and TE2+ vewlix layout fightsticks.  PC software provides full RGB color setting for button LEDs plus advanced features and idle animations. Installs with just 4 screws and provided press fit cables. No soldering required.

Classic Arcade and
Pinball Upgrades

Our roots are in classic coin-op video and pinball games.  Over the years we have released a number of products and have some really interesting new projects in the works.  Check back soon for more details.

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