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MAGENTA Programmable
Analog to Digital Joystick

The ultimate upgrade for any fightstick. This tournament approved joystick allows you map stick movements to digital outputs that match your play style. Complete customization of throws and activation points for both cardinals and diagonals. Supports multiple live toggle profile modes as well the ability to save and share profiles.

Tournament Legal for EVO, Combo Breaker, CEO, NEC and more!

No USB drivers required 

Magenta Siren remote switch and led board coming to EVO 2018

Setup Software

Latest Magenta Setup Software for Windows 7, 8 and 10 (x86/x64)

Video Guides and Reviews

Looking for more help with your Magenta arcade stick? Checkout these Video Guides with hands on installation and setup tips.

Buy Online

You can purchase the Paradise Magenta Programmable Analog to Digital Joystick through our partner and world wide distributor Paradise Arcade Shop.

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